Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
(Application Under Preparation)

Inkling 1: Negotiating Entrepreneurial Identity

One of my ideas is to investigate the watershed moments that punctuate the experience of when a person changes their private and public concept from "Not Entrereneur" to “Entrepreneur”, and what that means.

What Does Entrepreneurship Mean In Terms of Self-Concept Evolution?

I would like my Dissertation Topic to deal with aspects of the assumption of the Entrepreneurial identity, particularly what a person must go through to convert what is initially a private and theoretical self-concept into an achieved, public reality. I wonder if there aren’t certain social patterns that help to propel and navigate the Entrepreneur forward, and others that slow them down and confuse their direction. I wonder what internal and external factors help or hinder, mold or injure, guide or distract the Entrepreneur as they navigate their way from proposed identity to reality.

What Does Entrepreneurship Mean in Terms of Self-Development?

I have a suspicion that there is a great deal we don’t know about the Entrepreneurial process from an Identity perspective, and I would like to shed light on that area because I see a lot of 1sttime Entrepreneurs stumbling around when they should be getting on with it.

My Motive(s) for Doing This Research

Failure to find one’s direction and purpose as an Entrepreneur within a “reasonable” amount of time (again, something we don’t understand that well) can lead to false starts, discouragement, wasted time and money and – worse yet - being labeled by others as a “wantrepreneur” and someone to be avoided, which can be quite socially toxic. I think our having a better understanding of this aspect of the Entrepreneurial Identity will help people effectively maneuver themselves out of a stressful and potentially toxic situation. I can’t think of a better way to serve Humanity and aid first-time Entrepreneurs than to take the time and mandate that I have been granted by the University of Liverpool and Laureate to devote myself to to this important matter, and hopefully be able to do something about it through performing focused research on it, analyzing the research and publishing the findings as my Dissertation.

Inkling 2: Better Innovation Ecosystem Design

My Motives for Researching this Idea