Coach | Manager | Researcher | Teacher | Author


  • Deconfusing projects, situations and organizations
  • Developing new products, services and organizations
  • Helping organizations attain the next level of development
  • Enabling sustainable social economies via Entrepreneurship


I am good at scoping, planning, management and building high-quality teams. I have done this many times and my experiences have molded me into a person with a strong work ethic, high standards, a great network of contacts and a finely honed set of analytical, coaching, troubleshooting and development skills. Over the last 20 years, I have acquired expertise in the following knowledge domains:

  • Innovation
  • High Technology
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Startup Financing
  • Project Management
  • Electronic Commerce
  • Strategic Management


Savannah Peterson, Founder, Savvy Millenial

I recently had the pleasure of working with Graham on a Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Artificial Intelligence project. He not only did an excellent job creating a business model for a space that remains mostly yet to be defined, he also freely educated me about the digital asset revolution and how its constituent technologies work. His knowledge runs deep, and does his desire to build and motivate successful teams. It was great working with Graham and look forward to collaborating with him on future projects.

Alastair Drew, Regional Director, Consultant and Coach

"Graham is an interesting and dynamic thought leader when it comes to Startup, Entrepreneurship and Innovation and he is a fun person to work with. With Graham, there is always something going on, he is always willing to help out and never hesitates to pitch in!"

Stuart Blyth, Bestselling Author of "From Pitch to Boardroom"

"Graham is one of the most innovative thinkers I have come across. His ability to see through a problem and come up with a multitude of solutions is impressive. Working with Graham is great as he always challenges the status quo to bring about the best result."

Chris Toepker, M-LAB Manager:

"Graham's enthusiasm and energy have provided a welcome boost to the activities within M-Lab. We are very happy he has joined us as an Entrepreneur in Residence, and are sure that this partnership will be fruitful for our PolyU students and M-Lab incubatees."

Gino Yu, MSc. Program Director, School of Design, POLYU

I am looking forward to working together with you to further develop the start up entrepreneurial culture here in Hong Kong. I'm sure your experience in business and entrepreneurship will help our students at PolyU.