Gaming Computer Redux

The machine as originally delivered. Not working.

Go ahead, turn it on! All you are going to get is a bunch of beeps. Sometimes it's "BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP", sometimes it is "BEEEEEEP-BEEP-BEEP". Sometimes it is "BEEEEP-BEEP, BEEEEP-BEEP, BEEEEP-BEEP". Fun!

Owner reports that the machine was "really loud" so they took it out of service. Maybe it is because the machine has clearly has been dropped, thrown or has fallen off a desk. I say this becaue the case is *bent*.

My deal: Get it working and I get to use it.....GOODY!

First order of the day, clean off all of the icky 5-year old thermal grease on the CPU. Here's what the socket looks like with the CPU removed.

OK, CPU nice and clean, let's open up the CPU holder and get ready to pop the CPU back in!

Here's the CPU nicely cleaned and ready for the heat sink and fan installation.

A little bit of thermal grease to help ensure that the heat sink makes good contact....never hurts!

Here's one part of the problem. A cheap-o fan that's full of nasty gunk (like dust, which is basically old human skin). Blades completely encrusted. Air moving capability almost totally compromised. Totally out of balance and therefore humming and buzzing enough to drive someone CRAZY.

So I *washed* it under a tap with HOT WATER and made sure that all of that nasty stuff went down the drain. Then I let it dry for a little while, then plugged it right back in! HA! Worked just fine.

Here's the unit working (with another project, ZOT, attached). Looks pretty good.

Detail shot

Detail shot in low light to showcase the pretty blue accent lights.

Got me a fancy blue fan! Let's hope it looks as great in the machine as it does on the box!

Oooooooh! Pretty!

OUT! Out! Out with the old icky non LED fan!

Here's what the fans look like with the cover off...

Shot of the computer re-assembled and looking GOOD!