SME Creativity Center

The Government of Hong Kong SME Development Fund (SDF) generously voted on June 14 2012 to award two years of funding to the SME Creativity Center (SCC). I conceived, prepared and co-ordinated the proposal for this project.

The award amount granted by the SDF to the SCC was their maximum allowable amount, TWO MILLION HONG KONG DOLLARS.

The application had several important sponsors:

  Mind and Matter  
  A Hong Kong not for profit company.  
  Organizer of TEDx Hong Kong.  
  A Polytechnic University of Hong Kong project  
  The Hong Kong Commons  
  A privately held, startup focused co-space provider  

Here's an excerpt of the application:

The SCC will organize itself around the central theme of creative commercial innovation. It will offer a multitude of services, events and publications in support of this mandate, including:

  • Events oriented around entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Mapping the creation of new commercial opportunities
  • Publication of a guidebook discussing creativity
  • Awareness building surrounding creativity

Practically speaking, SCC will operate as a drop-in service center for SMEs who want to explore and create new commercial opportunities for themselves. The SCC aims to enable SMEs in Hong Kong to improve their creative competitiveness.

We plan to showcase to the Hong Kong SME community as to how creativity has been used by others in the past to create lasting advantage and by doing so inspire local SME to emulate them and then facilitate local Hong Kong SME to harness and focus their own inherent creativity to improve their situation, be it via improved operations, products or services.

The SME Creativity Center plans to build its constituency via its drop-in Service Center as well as through a series of ad-hoc and regular events. We plan to use the Service Center as a locus of activity for a community of creativity, ideation and innovation experts drawn from a multitude of industries including investment, commercial development, management, mentoring, and creative.

We will document our work with local SMEs through our online presence and also monitor the service and improve our operations and service offerings through regular surveys among event participants and the companies that we serve.