POLYU Teaching

I've been Lecturing at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University since 2003.

2012 - PRESENT

POLYU School of Design::Graduate & Undergraduate Teaching
I teach a wide range of courses at the graduate level at PolyU, mostly having to do with Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Startup: I brought in hard-core Project Management techniques (Waterfall, Radical, Agile) and also cutting edge concepts like Lean Startup the Business Model Canvas and other aspects of Entrepreneurship at the School of Design. At one time, I also taught Electronic Commerce at the Department of Computing.

Here are the courses that I have developed and/or delivered for POLYU:

- SD3471: Entrepreneurship

- SD5900: Masters Capstone Project
- SD5901: Masters Capstone Project
- SD5906: Globalization
- SD5946: Introduction to Sociable Robots
- SD5953: Successful Project Management
- SD5959: Design Psychology II
- SD5954: Innovative Multimedia Project Development I
- SD5963: Entrepreneurship
- SD5965: Interactive Multimedia Environments
- SD5955: Innovative Multimedia Project Development II

2011 - 2012

POLYU MLAB::Startup Mentor & Entrepreneur in Residence

In 2011 I attended a Startup Weekend event being organized by BootHK. At that time I created and developed (with a team of two others, Stephen and Devon) an organization called VoteCSR. We were one of 8 finalist teams for that weekend. As I am an experienced entrepreneur, many of the other teams were asking me for help with their concepts. My participation in this manner attracted the attention of the management of M-LAB and they asked me if I was interested in becoming a permanent mentor in the form of working at M-LAB as an Entrepreneur in Residence. I was only too glad to take the role on. This led to me being invited to become a Visiting Lecturer in various topics from 2012 onwards. Again, I was only too glad to participate.

2002 - 2004

POLYU Department of Computing::Visiting Lecturer

As a result of my performance as a Keynote Speaker, I was also invited by the Chair of the Department of Computing of POLYU to deliver a course in their Masters of Science in Electronic Commerce program in early 2002. I taught eCommerce Technologies at POLYU for the next two intakes.

POLYU & Sun Wah Pearl::LPI Instructor

My involvement with POLYU first started in 2001 when I was invited by Sun Wah Pearl to deliver the keynote speech at the first ever Hong Kong Linux Symposium. I was pleased and honored to do this. The event went well and I was subsequently invited by Sun Wah to prepare and deliver the first Linux Professional Institute Course course in Hong Kong which I did in the summer of 2002.

Vocational Work
I also deliver a subset of my DICE curriculum as a series of short lectures called Practical Entrepreneurship outside of the University milieu at a variety of Incubators, Accelerators, Co-work Spaces, Community Centers, Clubs and Institutes. Due to the highly modular and (mostly) stand-alone nature of the components of the program, its modules may be strung together to construct a near-infinite variety of flexible credit or non-credit courses of varying durations suitable for faculty, alumni or members of the general public interested in raising their awareness and sharpening their Entrepreneurial skills.

Upcoming Courses
Here is a course that I am currently developing that is designed to help awaken the "Entrepreneur in all of us" through creativity exercises, role-play and practical exercises:
- HERO: The Entrepreneurial Journey (work in progress)