FinTech & Blockchain

I have been involved in "Old School" FinTech (EDI, SWIFT, IBS) since 1997 .

I am now becoming increasingly involved in Blockchain.


2019-01-15: Keynote Presentation @ IDCM (Shenzhen, China)

I will be giving a short presentation on emergent STO Design Patterns in the last 3 to 6 months.

Event Announcement
Event Rundown

KEYNOTE:STO Design Patterns

2018-09-10: Advisor @ Vevue (Los Angeles, USA)

I became an Advisor to Vevue as a result of a conversation on Medium. Vevue is a very interesting and promising P2P multimedia platform and economy.

Vevue website

2018-08-08: Presentation @ Huobi (Hong Kong, China)

I gave a presentation on the Hong Kong FinTech scene at one of the top crypto exchanges in the world.

Getting into Hong Kong FinTech

2018-03-20: Public Lecture & Cornwall Innovation Center (Cornwall, Canada)

I will be giving a FREE Public Lecture on Blockchain at the NAV Centre in Cornwall. No previous background is necessary. Registration is free.

Blockchain For Real Beginners

2018-05-01: Founder @ On the Fly Coin / On the Fly NET

This is my own attempt at applying Blockchain and Cryptocurrency to a segment of the economy that seems ripe for disruption from a capital and particpant perspective.


2018-01-21: Panel Speaker @ SiliconSlopes (Salt Lake City, USA)

This was a really interesting project, and served as my introduction to Blockchain. I was part of the group that hepled steer SingularityNET through its USD36M Token Launch Event (TGE).


2017-10-11: Business Strategy Lead @ SingularityNET (Hong Kong, China)

I represented SingularityNET at SiliconSlopes, a major event with over 12,000 attendees.