The Entrepreneur's Journey

(The Ever-Questing Tarot HERO)

HERO: The Entrepreneur's Journey is a BOOK and COURSE.

You can think of it as an exploration of the following ideas:

Who Starts Up Companies? Why? How? What Do They Do?

Perhaps most importantly, I hope to identify a subset of specific behaviours that entrepreneurs engage in that enables them to start up their company with the greatest possible chances of success.

Let's put it another way. Is there an identifiable, generalized set of risk avoidance behaviours that entrepreneurs consciously or unconsciously engage in that can be expressed in a way so that non-entrepreneurs can work effectively with entrepreneurs, or non-entrepreneurs can use to emulate the behaviour of successful entrepreneurs?

As a lifelong entrepreneur myself, I have been living this world for as long as I can remember. Now that I'm a little older, I've been thinking of doing this work to help the next generation save a little time. I have been thinking about this, on and off, for several years now.

I have been seriously pondering this project for about a year now. I'd like to complete this project as my 45th birthday present to myself. My hope is that once complete, the project will be acceptable to the University that I am associated and I will be empowered to deliver it as an academic course during the Fall/Winter 2012 semester.

This course is re-organization and expansion of a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) course for Entrepreneurs I am delivering outisde of the academic, University called The Startup Leadership Program.

To satisfy the various requirements of these different worlds, I have decided to develop three versions of the curriculum:

A) There will be a Vocational version for existing entrepreneurs who want a survey of the challenges that face an Entrepreneur and some case analysis of how others have solved them

B) There will be a University version featuring more quantitative, anthropological and rigorus information as well as assignments.

C) There will be a Professional version suitable for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) delivery.

(UPDATE: It all happened!)


The following is designed and intended for use as an accredited Undergraduate or Graduate course. My hope is that it will be offered under the auspices of The POLYTECHNIC University of Hong Kong.


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